Technologie and Know-how

From the script to the technical aspect of the production

Advance cinematography equipment or legacy lenses and style, make your choice!

At LEXLUX, or “law of light” in Latin, is not just a name; it’s a philosophy that guides every project we undertake. With access to a vast array of cinematographic equipment and a team of seasoned technicians, we pride ourselves on our unrivalled expertise in diverse film styles, shooting conditions and locations around the world. This enables us to guarantee efficiency and excellence, whatever the challenges posed by a given location.

One of the most encouraging pieces of feedback we receive from our shoots is not only about the vast arsenal of equipment we bring to the table, but also about the way we use each piece. Every tool, every lens, every microphone has a purpose. It’s not about flaunting technology or overwhelming a stage with gadgets. It’s about making deliberate, informed choices. For us, equipment is not just a toy for the cinematographer or our technicians. It’s a carefully selected asset, providing the director with every possible video and audio element. This meticulous approach ensures that storytelling remains at the heart of every decision, and that the story always shines through in its purest, most compelling form.

At LEXLUX, we don’t just shoot scenes, we capture emotions, atmospheres and moments, while maintaining the highest standards of cinematographic technology and craftsmanship.

A diner at the Farm

3 Seasons of a superb series produced for Swiss television
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Imelda the Serie

the fascinating story of a grumpy grandmother who puts her family through a lot.
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