Technologie and Know-how

From the script to the technical aspect of the production

Advance cinematography equipment or legacy lenses and style, make your choice!

At LEXLUX, we have access to a wide variety of film equipment and experienced technicians.  Our expertise in various film styles, shooting conditions and countries allows us to be efficient no matter where we are. 

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One of the nicest compliments we had on our shoots was that despite the vast amount of equipment we had at our disposal, we were able to use it professionally, but more importantly, that each piece was useful and added to the story. Choosing equipment is not a toy choice for the DOP or the technicians, but an informed choice to ensure that the director has all the video and audio elements needed to tell the story.

A diner at the Farm

3 Seasons of a superb series produced for Swiss television
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Imelda the Serie

the fascinating story of a grumpy grandmother who puts her family through a lot.
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